For 28 of the 31 years that I worked at the Albuquerque Journal, I wrote a general interest column. Its first eight years were spent in the features section. Then it was moved to the metro page. Regardless of its position in the paper, I tried to tell the stories of New Mexicans who were not the “usual suspects” — mayors, governors, et al. The “newsmakers” didn’t interest me nearly as much as the people who lived in Albuquerque’s neighborhoods or worked in the grocery store or raised quarter horses in Willard. Cliche though it may be, everyone does have a story to tell. Often they were insightful, sometimes downright profound.There was little if any political ranting in the column, though I did climb up on the soapbox every now and again.

I’m retired now, and with the help of a friend who is savvy around computers, I’m exploring cyberspace — blogging, Twittering, Facebook, places I probably shouldn’t go because ahead lies trouble. Too late now. I’m here. I’m a baseball junkie; I enjoy a good book; I’ve played poker every Tuesday since 1975 with the same bunch of guys; I have a lousy, lousy back.

I live in Corrales with my wife, Liz, who is much smarter than I am. We have two dogs. They’re smarter, too.