Haley Heinz, a good, young police reporter has a story that needs a new headline in today’s Albuquerque Journal ($sub.req.) Here’s the Journal headline: “Run on Ammo Leaves Cops Short.”

I’m thinking a more correct headline would go something like this: Right Wing Yay-Hoos Reap What They Sow.

The reason for the ammo shortage is — wait for it — Barack Obama. But you probably already knew that.

Remember when Obama was a secret Muslim, and then a socialist, and then he played nice with Hugo Chavez, and then there was that birth certificate thing, and then he bowed too much to …? Well, they all kind of run together after awhile and I have a hard time keeping all the conspiracies straight.

Anyway, the same yay-hoos who bought into all these rumors (one often hears some of them on KKOB, prattling on about the latest secret government plan to take away their “rights”) are running around America buying up all the ammo because Obama is going to take away their guns — and their ammo, too, I guess.

Of course, Obama is going to do no such thing. Nobody is coming to get their guns. Nobody is coming to get their ammo. Oh, there might be a lefty or two out there who wants some kind of common sense in gun control, but we all know that won’t happen because the NRA bought Congress a long time ago.

Of all that ails America these days, guns and ammo don’t make the cut. They’re not on Obama’s to-do list. But they do make for fertile rumor soil. So the yay-hoos are out there making ammo scarce and making life difficult for … Obama? No.

Liberals? No.

Democrats? No.

They’re making life harder for police officers.

Now, if they can just “prove” that Obama secretly imported swine flu so he could get all the ammo when they were laid up coughing and sneezing …