I’ve Twittered, I’ve Facebooked, I suppose I might as well Blog. I got together with Dave Thomas, a physicist who knows his way around a computer and we got the thing off the ground. I just now noticed that in my hurry to post something — anything — grammar took a dive (an apostrophe in the wild, floating around where it should not be). “Oh, well,” as my longtime friend, the late Tony Hillerman might say.

Speaking of Tony, the name of the blog — Tag End — is shamelessly stolen from him. He wrote once that the Sandia Mountains were the “tag end” of the Rockies. For some reason the phrase stuck in my head over the years. So Tag End it is.

Actually, I began experimenting with it some time ago, but I was working at the Journal then and didn’t feel too comfortable going off the reservation. Now, after working there for about 31 years and writing a column for 28 of them, I am “retired,” whatever that might mean and I no longer have a reservation to go off of.

What will the blog be? I’m not sure. That remains to be seen. A commentary here and there, I suppose. A few links to stories and essays that catch my eye. I’m forever sending these things to friends, so I might as well post them here and be done with it.

I’m still working on the basic nuts and bolts of the blog and much learning needs to be done. So you can expect many mistakes. I am, after all, something of a newbie.

Suggestions (without flames if possible) would be most welcome. If you have links to blogs you think I need to check out, send them. The blog roll is in its infancy.

All right, enough of the noodling around. I think I’ll start clicking on Blogger tabs and see what happens.