It’s always nice to see another columnist come along and underscore what you’ve already argued. Mark Morford, in his usual inimitable San Francisco Chronicle style, makes the argument in “The Big Gay Shrug — Sorry, Enemies of Gay Marriage. Prop 8 or no, you’ve already Lost.

Why? Their own kids, that’s why.

Morford writes: “Gay marriage is a foregone conclusion. It’s a done deal. It’s just a matter of time. For the next generation in particular, equal rights for gays is not even a question or a serious issue, much less a sinful hysterical conundrum …”

It’s a generational thing and there’s no way anyone will stop it. I made much the same argument when I was writing a column for the Albuquerque Journal and several people got their shorts in a twist when a kid in Clovis included a picture or two of gay kids appearing to like one another in the high school yearbook.

In that column I wrote:

“My money is on the Clovis young’uns. Not all of them, of course. Nothing is ever 100 percent. But I’m betting there’s a slowly emerging majority, just as there is in other Clovises around the land.

“The Clovis young’uns find themselves in an argument with their elders, a not unusual generational occurrence.

“Their elders are going to lose the argument. They may not lose it today or tomorrow or next week or next year or the next 10 years.

“But lose it they will.

“The world is changing, even in Clovis.”

Writing in the Chronicle, Morford makes a similar argument. He’s right.