Coming soon to a grocery near you (if you live in Corrales, where everything is near you): DR. DAYTON’S COMPLETELY NATURAL, DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS BREAKFAST IN A BAR (SMARTER TIL NOON).

I’m not sure about the ALL-CAPS because I’ve never written ad copy before, but Dayton and his wife are friends and I said I’d blog the breakfast bar. So there.

I my own self have tasted the good doctor’s breakfast bar (he’s a family practitioner). I have stood in his very kitchen, where the man’s avocation, baking up a storm, is practiced.

The store in which his Breakfast Bar will be carried is the FrontierMart in Corrales. You can’t miss it. It’s the only store in town. And remember, it’s near you.

Also rememer it’s Sunday, when everything moves slower except you, because you will be powered by Dr. Dayton’s Breakfast Bar, guaranteed to make you smarter til noon. (Thats what his wife said, anyway.)

Life in Corrales is always a little different.