First came email, years ago, ancient now, something akin to the kind of stuff you might find on an archaeological dig. I saw something a few days ago about how social networks had surpassed email as the preferred contact media.

So, as usual, there’s the curve, and there I am, behind it.

Then came Facebook, at the urging of a friend, a science writer who is forever egging me on into new universes. So I joined Facebook. Pretty soon I had “friends” I’d never heard of in my life.

Then, of course, he got me to Twittering. The jury is still out on Twitter, discussing the case in very, very short sentences.

Then came the savvy computer expert who said, “Did you know that is available?”

Well, no, of course I didn’t know. Now I do, and here it is, a new home page.

The blog’s name remains the same — Tag End. The home page as shameless self-promotion may be found in the two books available from Amazon (or the University of New Mexico Press). You’ll see them on the right-hand side of the page.

Beyond that, it’s more brave new world, I suppose. But I’m going to try to throw in some old world stuff, as well.

I wrote a column for 28 years for the Albuquerque Journal. There was little in the way of political screeds and much more in the way of conversations and stories about people who weren’t “newsmakers.” (You know, the usual suspects — governors, mayors, councilors and commissioners.) I was always much more interested in the people in Albuquerque’s neighborhoods; and for that matter, people beyond Albuquerque’s neighborhoods.

I hope you’ll find some of them here now. You’ll find links to stories that catch my eye and links to Web pages and bloggers who catch the other eye.

Meanwhile, I need to go about the business of finding out what all these new buttons and keys do.


Jim Belshaw