I recieved an interesting e-mail from Google today. It seems its robots have decided I’m a spammer. I filled out the form for “review” and then, just for fun, called Google. Of course, I wasn’t able to speak with a human being.

I’ve posted the obvious on Facebook and I’ll post it here again: If I am to be a spammer, it would require a certain level of compuer knowledge that I don’t have. I couldn’t spam if I wanted to. But it’s a little bit irritating knowing there’s a Google robot computer somewher that has identified me as a spammer.

Could it be Google is unhappy because I’ve left blogspot.com and built my own Web page on which to blog? I don’t know. I’m too new to this to know. I just know there’s a message on the old blog announcing to the world that I’m a spammer.

I’m beginning to think cyberspace isn’t such a friendly place after all.